Cleveland Cavaliers fans are fighting back for the attention of Lebron James and a potential move next year when James faces the option to opt out of his final contract year with the Cavs. A feud began in February when a Philadelphia business placed billboards along Cleveland’s busy I-480 corridor asking James to consider a move to the city of Brotherly Love.

In retaliation, Global Marketing Partners CEO and avid Cavs fan, James Betschel, has placed two billboards along I-95 in Philadelphia near the Wells Fargo Center, home of the 76ers. One sign reads “Noted King Hater,” and an arrow pointing to an image of Benjamin Franklin. Another sign reads “Philly Has a Bad History with Royalty,” referencing the “King James” nickname. The Billboards go on display the morning of April 10.

“Lebron means so much to the people of Ohio,” Betschel said. “I just wanted to remind him that the grass might look greener, but there’s no love like hometown love and no substitute for the kind of multigenerational legacy he has crafted in Cleveland.”

Betschel attributed the inspiration for the billboards to his sons, Jacob and Joshua. Betschel partnered with Ohio advertising company to execute the campaign. describes itself as “Priceline for Billboards,” and helped Betschel secure strategic placement at a competitive cost.

“When you look at Lebron, he brings a lot more to a city than just once-in-a-lifetime talent,” Betschel said. “He is a transformational leader, especially for the younger generation. When you think about that kind of value, the price of a few billboards seems like nothing.”

The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday, April 14 with four games on ESPN/ABC. The Cavaliers and 76ers are the third and fourth seed, respectively. Under certain circumstances, the teams could face each other in Philadelphia.

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